Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hi.Its like years Im not updating here.So busy with my new jobless 'job' wahaha.Heayy Im a 'housewife'!wait wait it doesnt meant that Im a wife of somebody right now.Im just a girl that doing this,that,sana sini and also yeah sure there,my work not completed yet.sighhh

Am I wasting my teenage phase?Hangout with friends-NEVER-dating-NEVER-or maybe shopping alone-NEVER-
and what ever it is that u ask me bout teenage lifestyle I think I never done it here in Malaysia.Yeah my place is such a rural area in sungai besar.It is so far from the others.and owh my coverage phone also sometimes broken down even the 'pencawang' is just ermm above my head -.- (what a service sir!)

Feeling guilty sometimes approaches me when my friends ask me to going out with them.Come with us,tell a new story,about your experiences there,about your life,your achievement,your next phase,your future-handsome-but-not-yet-found husband hehehe.
Owhh,so many things to talk,so many things to share..but then Im desperately say sorry girls maybe not this time.Dissappointed!

Since everything is just not correct right now,Im happily choose to be silence and think what is the best for me,my family and people whom I love damn much.Being selfish?Of course not dear.Im just a human who cant satisfy everyone.Sorrry :~

Enjoying my life as a teenager in my style erm is quit boring actually.But yeah that's what I m choose to be.tehehe.

*okay stop mengarut,meh tido.ape daku mengarut memalam ni.bajet omputih plak tuh.K papai :)

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