Monday, May 13, 2013


Hai sweeties..
Alhamdulilah just finish practical anatomy exam,eventhough there is a lil bit confused and mistakes but I'm hoping the best and stay positive.There are more exam that will comes around.Stay positive!.tehee cakap omputih plak den ni. :)

Today I'm gonna write about TAUBAH.I'm pretty sure that one of the causes that I cant give the exact answer just now b'cause of my sins. :( my bad.
Yeah everyone make a mistakes.Nobody perfect.But everybody must have a goal to be a perfect.Expect high and achieve high.

So here there are,

Taubat ialah kembali taat kepada Allah s.w.t dan menyesal dengan bersungguh-sungguh terhadap dosa yang telah dilakukan sama ada dosa besar mahupun dosa kecil serta memohon keampunan dari Allah. 

istighfar is one of the fastest way to show that we are repent.
after that,solah taubah,ask forgiveness from Allah.
and if our sins are related to human,we are needed to ask forgiveness from themselves.

why we need to repent?
back to basic,we are a servant to Allah,which have gave us a lot of nikmah.
finally,we gonna die,only good deeds can save us from Nar.
Oh Allah,please..
Forgive my past sins,my present sins,and my future sins.

p/s:mati itu pasti,hidup itu insya allah.
jom sama sama kita bertaubat. ;)


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